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Subtle Signs that Your Cow is in Heat

Cow tip: Be sure to look out for the subtle signs that your cow is in heat. Shortly after taking this picture, I got the bull to back off the fence.I then let the cow into the field to let the bulls fight over the right to breed her.

Happy Vernal Equinox

Yup, I know the calendars say the Vernal Equinox is not for two more days, but the calendar is wrong. Here is the definition of Equinox, according to the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary: “The precise time when the sun enters one of the equinoctial points, or the first point of Aries, about the 21st of March, […]

Old Wisdom: Make the Boy a Partner

On the first day of this week, I went to the Internet Archive and searched through some old books in order to find a new idea. The first thing I decided to read was very profound, so I’m sharing it here: On a recent visit to a well managed farm it was found that the […]

Setup a Fodder System

Bought a fodder system kit recently and got it setup in the living room. Only have a few rows filled with seeds at the moment, but looking forward to share a picture when we have all rows filled in.

Alternative Cow Lead

Our cow, Janda, was having some issues coming up for her milking lately. So I decided to use an alternative lead, a bag of ground carrots. Worked alright, she stopped every-so-often, but after another sniff of the carrots, she started walking again.

Snow at Cheeseshire

It snowed yesterday. Made me thankful that we got our wood burning cook stove installed recently. Though just a day later and almost all the snow is gone.

Ox Training Begins

The ox training book came in the mail yesterday. Read the sections on early training and yoke building and felt good about starting the training. So today, I grabbed a sapling from the ground, cut it into a switch and went into the paddock. I started with Bonnie. Put a lead on her and started […]

The Neighbor’s Hill is on Fire

Noticed that the neighbor across the creek is doing a controlled burn on his hill. I decided to get a few pictures of it.

Chickens on the Front Porch

It was amusing for a while, but I’m considering options for keeping the chickens out after I stepped on chicken waste while in my socks.

My Bonnie Went Over the Paddock Fence

Picked up my truck from the shop today. When I came home, I saw Bonnie standing near a low point of the paddock fence on the wrong side of that fence. So I got a lead, had to follow her around a bit until I got her to walk into a corner and then was […]